iPhone 6 Release Date, Improved Hardware, Specs And Features

The technology of apple has made their name in the market and people only purchase the product through the good will of the Apple. It all has become possible for Apple Company to make their strong brand among the people due to Steve jobs. Steve jobs had a brilliant talent to justify the requirement of the people and what exactly people want in a mobile phone.

Top 16 Fastest Roller Coasters In The World

Formula Rossa

All of us must have experienced a ride in what is popularly known as roller coaster. In any amusement or theme park coasters form the most important part of the trip. The thrill associated with the ride and the chill it gives is just unexplainable. The faster the ride, the better it gets. Taking a ride of a coaster may satisfy a thrill-seeking person for once but it makes him hungry for more—speed and thrill.

Top 10 Free Social Android Apps

Ever since Android app development became open source, new apps have flooded the app market which is code named the ‘Playstore’. The number of users being able to access the internet have increased stupendously in the last decade. Also the market share of Android phones is growing rapidly as i write these words. This has laid the basis for creation of a virtual social network the available online 24 x 7 all days of year.

iOS 6 Has Better And Updated Siri

 iOS 6 Siri

In this article about iOS 6 features updates, we have Siri. The voice recognizing assistant that came with iPhone 4S has got its update now in the iOS 6 and will be available in the next-gen iPad and other iDevices. In simple words the updated Siri will behave like voice-enabled google search, ask anything about anything and it will display result in no time.

Is iPhone 5 Better Than iPhone 4S?

iPhone 5 iPhone 4s

Yes, it is true that iPhone 5 has eventually launched. It is the latest entry into the smartphone line of Apple. If you are feeling either underwhelmed or overwhelmed about the lack of evolution in this new smartphone, you need to accept the fact that there is a high demand for the product. It is estimated that approximately 50 million iPhone 5 handsets will be sold by the end of this year.

iPad Mini – Larger iPhone and Smaller, Palm Sized iPad

iPad Mini

iPad mini is a small size touch screen tablet computer launched by Apple. The normal iPad is 9.7” screen with 4:3 aspect ratio, whereas the mini iPad, keeping the same ratio of the screen has a reduced size of 7.9 inches. Since the overall size is smaller than the iPad, iPad mini is 53% lighter. Apple officially launched iPad mini on October 23, 2012.

Microsoft Windows Phone 8 OS Apollo: What to Expect?

Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 (also called Apollo) will be Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system and it is expected to be released later this year. There are many rumors about Windows Phone 8 and its new features. Finally it has been heard from many sources and has been confirmed, the release date is 29 October, just three days after the release of Windows 8 platform.

Apple iOS 6 New Feature Passbook – Apple’s New Mobile Wallet

Apple iOS 6 Passbook

This new feature that we bring you today will blow your mind miles away. This is just not an addon to the iOS 6 but a way sharing the “Apple” with everyone on this planet. This new feature called Passbook is what seems like the future in the way we use our handheld devices. This great functionality in the iOS 6 creates a one stop place for all your loyalty cards, movie tickets, vouchers, coupons and many more.

Apple iOS 6 New Maps Features Turn By Turn Navigation, 3D Maps

Apple iOS 6 map

Ever since the buzz surrounding the iOS 6 came to light, all Apple enthusiasts, like me, got excited to know what new features it had to offer. Since the iDevices are so amazing so must be their next generation updates. This brings us to this series of articles where I will try and describe each new feature that iOS 6 has to offer in great detail, one at a time. Today we have “Maps”.

Now Add Your Discover Card To Google Wallet

Discover Card

Google has always tried to innovate things whatever they are. When it stepped into the “online payment” market, everyone knew that something huge was going to come. Earlier, google announced that it will support all major credit and debit cards for it’s ‘wallet’ and the question that rose was which ones. In its recent announcement, google came up with its integration for Discover cards.