How to close unnecessary processes, services and programs in windows XP

Disable or Turn off or shut down Unnecessary Services and Programs running in windows XP or windows 7.

XP released by Microsoft in 2001 for both office and home users was a great leap in terms of performance ,graphics ,software and hardware support and many more. Despite there are many unnecessary services and programs running in the background that may degrade your CPU performance and utilize system resources for no purpose. This calls for urgent action specially if you have too low RAM or Processor speed. Here’s how you can do it.

1. Go to start->run and type services.msc

2. You will see a page open like this


This page shows which all services exist, there status and what they do.

3. Now here is the list of top 3 services you do not require if you are a normal home user and should be closed

a. Automatic Updates-This services automatically downloads windows updates (if you have a genuine copy of XP) from official Microsoft website. This uses unneeded band width as well as Mb usage specially if u do not have an unlimited plan.

b. Background Intelligent Transfer –This downloads updates automatically in background.

c. Security Center-This tells whether you have firewall enabled, antivirus installed, automatic updates turned on or not. If You know about your PC you don’t require this service.

4. To close these services right click on them and click properties a dialogue box will open.

security center

In status type select “Disabled” to stop the service permanently. You can run it again by choosing “Manual” or “Automatic” and clicking “start” in “service type”.

Now you must have an idea on using services.msc to your advantage.

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