How to make an Unlimited Download account on GRABOID

Graboid is one of the famous softwares used to download full length movies without compromising download speed and without looking into peers and seeds as you would generally do in torrents.

But the problem is that you only get 4000Mb download for any non-premium account and update is only upon payment t the website. This account also only lasts for a month and then expires.


Also there’s no way according to them to create another account as the “CREATE ACCOUNT” option disappears once you have created your account. So there is virtually “NO WAY!!!” to get an unlimited account on graboid without payment according to them.

So, is graboid useful for only downloading 5-6 movies that too in a month till you install a fresh copy of your windows?.

The answer is no. The graboid can be tweaked to create more accounts if you have already created an account on graboid in this way.

1. Make an email ID on any account either yahoo,gmail etc…just to make more accounts.

2. Go to control panel->user accounts.

And make a fake account named “graboid” giving full priviliges and all administrative rights.


3. Now open graboid and you will see the “CREATE ACCOUNT“ option. Wow…. All you need to do now is click on it and make another graboid account but now with the new ID. You will get another 4000Mb to download and a month to spend them.


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