Nick Vujicic life without limbs no arms no legs

Many of feel disheartened and defeated when some kind of trouble falls upon us or if we are born with some disability. If you think your life has hardships then meet this terrific, ultimate guy Nick Vujicic.

Nick Vujicic was born on December 4,1982 to a Serbian Christian family in Melbourne, Australia with a rare disorder called Tetra-Amelia in which the person is limbless, missing both arms at shoulder level and legless but with two small feet one of which has two toes.

His life was filled with difficulties and hardships. One was being prohibited by Australian law from attending a mainstream school because of his physical disability even though he was not mentally impaired. But later during his schooling the law was challenged and Nick became the first disabled student to be integrated into a mainstream school.

He learned to write using the two toes on his left “foot”, and a special device that slid onto his big toe which he uses to grip. He also learned to use a computer and type using the “heel and toe” method, throw tennis balls, answer the phone, shave and get himself a glass of water. He loves swimming, surfing and golfing too.

He does most of his local travel on a computerized wheel chair.

He is a motivational speaker and the director of LIFE WITHOUT LIMBS, an organization for the physically disabled. He travels across the world to give speeches on disability and hope.

In October Nick Vujicic, as the Director of Life without Limbs, an organization which motivates and inspires people living without limbs, visited Alexandria and Cairo during his 2008 world tour. Mrs. Nada Thabet, chairperson of the TFD Board of Directors, was instrumental in arranging Nick’s visit.

Although the almighty god has made his life more difficult than us, Nick Vujicic doesn’t seem to believe it. He lives his life whole-heartedly becoming an inspiration for other people. Where normal people in this world are suffering from depression and despair , he truly displays and is an inspirational example of how to live life and make it easy even though the odds are against you.

He has written a book named “NO ARMS, NO LEGS, NO WORRIES”. He has also released a motivational DVD called “LIFE’S GREATER PURPOSE”.

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