Childhood Nightmares and Fears Photography – Joshua Hoffine

Scare the Hell out of You

The strength and sophistication of children’s fears is limited only by children’s imagination, which is known to be very rich. A new baby sister, Black sheet and green fingers, shadows on the wall, the neighbor’s barking dog, a coffin on wheels, Shaggy trolls in the closet, Snake in the toilet, Ghosts of the darkness, Severed heads in the refrigerator, Clawed feet, clutched at his rash protruding from under a blanket arms and legs and much more. Whatever it is that causes them, childhood nightmares and fears are common.

The Photographs shoot by Joshua Hoffine have been quite successful in visualizing the nightmares of the childhood vividly. It is know fact that children do have dreams of nightmares, which is work of their unconscious, and conscious mind. These dreams in turn culminate in to phobia, a well known and widespread phenomenon. Thus through these photographs Joshua Hoffine succeeded in visualizing the childhood fears. Indeed a creative masterpiece, very intelligent work, well thought and well implemented.

“I believe that the horror story is ultimately concerned with the imminence and randomness of death, and the implication that there is no certainty to existence. The experience of horror resides in this confrontation with uncertainty. Horror tells us that our belief in security is delusional, and that monsters are all around us.”

By – Joshua Hoffine”

“I stage my photo shoots like small movies, with sets, costumes, elaborate props, fog machines, and special effects make up. My images are not photoshop collages. I use photoshop to finesse details and to adjust color and contrast for printing. I use friends and family members as actors and crew. Everyone works for free. We do it for fun.”

“By – Joshua Hoffine”

Official website of Joshua Hoffine where you can find the hard work behind the creation of each grim images of childhood fears.

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