Install Unix-Linux Based OS On Windows Operating System

All of us who love using Unix and are passionate about shell programming but don’t have enough time to wait and install a Unix based OS and want to start the work right away, this article explains it all. Although the complete time for downloading all requisite files, installation and booting is very low, the graphics are not so great. But it’s used at moments when you need Unix most but do not have much time!!!

There are various ways of achieving our purpose. Firstly we need to choose our OS to boot UNIX.


DSL is a compressed and compact version of Linux and is called “Damn Small Linux” for the same. The OS has only required basic features and is a great way to start.The download-able iso file is of 50Mb and can be downloaded from here -> Download DSL


Ubuntu is a full-fledged Linux distribution that provides all the tools you’ve come to expect from a desktop operating system, including a web browser, office suite, communication and security features, and the ability to run thousands of third party apps. But like Windows, OS X, or any other desktop operating system, it can take a minute or longer to boot, depending on your hardware.

It’s greatest feature is it’s size and lightening fast boot time. The iso image and instruction manual can be found here -> U-Lite

The next step is to install and boot these iso files. This can be done either using virtual box or UNetbootin.

a. Virtual Box

Developed by ORACLE, the software is used to create a virtual machine on any system. This means you can run Unix OS within windows 7 and XP or any other OS directly without the need for any installation. Files can be downloaded from here -> Virtual Box

The virtual box is a great utility when it comes to running multiple OS’s without the headache of partitioning, formatting and installing. You just need to specify the requisite hard disk space, RAM and video memory for running the required OS. You can run any of the specified OS’s.

Remember you must have enough minimum memory to run both the OS’s.

b. UNetbootin

UNetbootin is a live USB creation tool that can be used to create a Live Linux USB flash drive from an ISO. Many Linux distributions are supported out of the box with custom install options available for Linux distributions that are not. It is important to mention that Live Linux USB flash drives created with this tool, do not currently utilize a persistence feature. The resulting USB Linux install will function just as it does from a CD. By default you will not be able to save and restore your changes.

I prefer using DSL here as micro ubuntu might not be available. Also previous versions of ubuntu can be downloaded which consume less hard drive space.

UNetbootin instruction manual can be found here -> UNetbootin

So it finally saves time and resources. CHEERS!!!

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