Acrylic Oil Painting Techniques to Transform Human Body in 2D Painting

Alexa Meade Innovative Live Painter

Alexa Meade, a 23 year old Washington, DC based artist has a special talent. Where most painters make their paintings and other artistic work lively by trying to imitate a 2-D canvas into 3-D, Alexa on the other hand makes live paintings on 3-D objects and with the use of photography converts them to canvas oil painting, thus imitating life in life.

Alexa has innovated this new painting technique called Trompe-L’Oeil that compresses three-dimensional space into a two-dimensional plane. Her work requires a fusion of painting, photography and performance by the artists. In her approach towards creating this lively painting, Alexa coats her models with a mask of paint, that hides the body but at the same time makes it more artistically live. The models are then camouflaged with a similar looking environment and objects. Together they give the impression of a raw 3-D oil painting, which is so clicked that it looks 2-D. The photographic presentation creates a bridge between the smoothness of the physical scenery and the impression of a canvas oil paint.

Image Source Via [ Alexa Meade ]

To check out her latest work visit -> flickr/alexameade & AlexaMeade

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