Nokia Microsoft Deal To Beat Apple and Android Smartphones

nokia microsoft deal

Gone are the days when Symbian was a rage. As the time passed, companies stepped up with their best foot forward, Google came up with Android, Apple with it’s iOS but poor Nokia was still do0dling around with Symbian. What it could not hear was the trumpet that marked the beginning of “Smart Phone War”. It seemed that Google phones and iPhones would give tough competition to Nokia but the later didn’t realize that the battle was already lost. But the fallen has resolute to rise again and hit back, this time much harder.

Coming together are two giants and veterans of their field, Nokia and Microsoft, to take on the smartphone market. Nokia’s Executive Vice President Kai Öistämö and Microsoft’s Business Division President Stephen Elop shook hands for a joint venture to bring Microsoft Office Mobile and Communication Solutions into Nokia smartphones. The deal is being seen as the “next big thing” in the mobile market.

Developed exclusively for smartphones is the Windows Phone 7 by Microsoft which despite being a great OS lacks a dedicated handset deal. Nokia, on the hand, has failed big time in it’s smartphone OS and desperately needs a ready to install OS that is at par with the Andriod and the iOS for it’s handsets.

Here is what both the giants will put forward for joint sharing :

MICROSOFT – It brings the Windows Phone 7. It gives the Bing, it’s search engine and most popular Microsoft Office and will develop further apps and extensions to suit Nokia’s needs. It has no hardware support though.

NOKIA – As is obvious, the hardware comes from Nokia. Also it brings it’s maps products to be a core part of the features offered. It has it’s Symbian, but it was talk of the past. The Android and iOS are much more advanced and have greater things to offer.

Together they develop and market the next-generation of smartphones that shall rule the market.

Nokia had talks with Google as well to get the Android running on their handsets but Elop felt that the smartphone market shall then have what is called “duopoly” between Google’s Android and iPhone’s. Nokia so decided to go to Microsoft to create a third ecosystem all together. But acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft was never on the table while the two conversed, considering the fact that the Finnish company is still the global leader in mobile handset manufacturing while the Windows rules in the computer OS market.

The billion dollar deal actually saved Nokia’s billion bucks that it would otherwise have invested on research and development of it’s OS. Nokia only pays for licensing the Windows 7 software for it’s handsets.

But the news came as a disappointment to the Nokia employees, who not only protested against company’s decision of changing from Symbian to Windows platform but also the fact that the company seeks to cut-off 1800 job posts all over the world since they need research on OS no more. Heart-breaking!!! But what will be interesting to see is how the two mash up and appear against their raging rivals. The War Is On!!!

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