Cloud Computing Saves Money, Time and Energy

Cloud Computing Saves Money

One of the latest buzzword to hit the internet market is “Cloud Computing”. You may have heard of it or not but this cool idea makes file sharing and accessing a real easy and quick deal. So even if you are sitting in Antarctica working over that next big thing and immediately want some files stored in your PC in Las Vegas, you can do so without telling anyone to mail you. Not only this you can even edit your documents online with your iPad. Interesting ain’t it!!!

Cloud computing is the next generation use of the internet for performing tasks that you would otherwise normally do on your computer. So you can access your files anywhere as you would download mp3’s or watch videos on youtube. It is a service provided by many online players like IBM and Amazon and is becoming popular day by day. It is similar to renting a server space to upload all your necessary files and then download them from anywhere but here it’s much more than that.

Most of you must have used or be using Scribd for online document upload. It is a great example of cloud computing where documents uploaded by you are not only accessible to you but to the whole world. Everyone can view it anytime on their PDA’s even. This is where the concept of office 2.0 comes into play. What is office 2.0? no it’s not a new version of office but a web based office suite that lets you view documents like word files and pdf’s online just like on scribd.

Another famous example of this service is gmail provided by our very own google. Yes, gmail. When you upload your files and attach them to a mail you can download them later from anywhere via your gmail account. This is one way of cloud computing. Never thought of it, ha! Although this service is more popular in IT based industries where they have to rent CPU time and pay as per usage, but users like us can take the benefit of it for free with

It is software that syncs upto 2 GB of data, free of course, on your hard drive to their servers so that you can access them from anywhere as if you were carrying your PC with you. Another great thing about this is that you can work on your documents offline and DropBox will update that as soon as it finds an internet connection. Cool!!!

But there are certain drawbacks of this service as well. For example if you are uploading your photos on Flickr, sharing is one thing but unauthorized sharing without your consent can be troublesome. What if someone misuses them, you know what I mean. That could be dangerous. Another thing is that you require an internet connection. So it may save your hard disk space but it will definitely increment your bills.

This is not it. Web developers and technocrats view cloud computing as next level of saving resources. Because the ‘cloud’ or the internet does most of the work, you can use it anyhow to perform your desired task from your high end laptop or from your iPhone.

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