The Journey of a Fashion Designer’s Collection

Fashion Designer Collection

We adore the garments of a designer on the ramp, but did we anytime think as to what all does it takes to come up with something like that??? No idea…for sure.

Well, the journey of all the beautiful fashion pieces showcased on the ramp is extensive, technical, demanding and full of uphill struggle. Designers start working on their collections a year before they showcase their garments. The whole process takes time and a whole lot of hard work. The process starts with the birth of an inspiration by referring to the fashion forecasts. A fashion forecast tells about the colors, fabrics and styles that will be presented on the runway and in the stores for the upcoming seasons by established fashion forecasting agencies, websites, organizations etc. The inspiration is being nurtured by an in depth research. To develop concepts and to communicate to the other members of the design team, a mood board is developed. It is a type of poster design that may consist of images of the inspiration; text etc .The second board which is developed is of color story. It may or may not be merged with the mood board. This board consists of the color scheme derived from the inspiration and it also may include images and related text. Succeeding the color board is the style direction board which consists of images that the designer chooses to incorporate in their collection. It can be anything, from textures to silhouettes to images of accessories like scarves or footwear n also details in a garment like pleats, flare, yoke etc. A style board helps majorly in the whole look of a collection, hence is very important and should be carefully worked on. Following to it is the fabric and trim board consisting of the selected fabrics to be used for the collection. It also consists of materials like buttons, fancy laces, embellishments etc to be used. A designer sources fabric from many different places or has his own fabric unit. These are the major boards which are primarily made for a collection. Once all of the research and the boards are freezed, the designer starts sketching the illustrations. These sketches are an outcome of close study and analyzing the inspiration and the boards. A collection generally comprises of minimum 30 garments and maximum 120. By picking up the most apt and unique designs from the designs developed a final collection is made. From here, the inspiration starts turning to a reality. The fabrics are being tailored and finished with embellishments and embroideries etc. Now, the garments reach their final destination- the runway… The celebrities, other designers, manufacturers and retailers are invited to the show to see the collection and buy them as well. According to the attire, every model has a different make up and a different hair style that goes with the collection and also attracts the viewers. Props and accessories are used on the ramp along with the garments to add on and to create the atmosphere.

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