Microsoft Windows Phone 8 OS Apollo: What to Expect?

Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8 (also called Apollo) will be Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system and it is expected to be released later this year. There are many rumors about Windows Phone 8 and its new features. Finally it has been heard from many sources and has been confirmed, the release date is 29 October, just three days after the release of Windows 8 platform. Soon after the release of Windows 8 its supported handsets will be available in the market.

New Handsets and Services

Nokia has always been in the forefront of manufacturing Windows Phone handsets like the Lumia series and it is being expected to still be in the front row in releasing its new range of handsets supporting Windows Phone 8. HTC is also planning to release its range of new Windows Phone 8 handsets and will be available in the market soon like the Windows Phone 8X.

Windows Phone 8 is smarter, more intelligent and has a bunch of new features that require faster hardware and processor, and the first release of Window Phone 8 will undergo several tests. You can upgrade your Windows Phone to new version but it is not guaranteed that it won’t have a glitch or a bug. Microsoft has made some changes in its new operating system for mobile, and developers have to design apps that can work on either both platforms or one of them especially on Nokia’s handsets due to the partnership of Microsoft and Nokia.

Windows Phone Marketplace has more than 100,000 apps, and whether it is possible or how easy will it be for developers to develop apps that can work on both Windows 7 and 8 depends upon the similarity of codes of two mobile operating systems.

User Interface

Handsets running on Windows Phone 7.5 can be updated to 7.8 release that is the short version of the complete Windows 8 and has few of its features like sizeable tiles on home screen and similar user interface. The 7.8 is ideal for low spec Windows Phone handsets and has other unspecified features that will give users a similar experience. The Windows Phone 8 still has tiles and a similar user interface but its complete list of features and options are still to be announced.

New and Better Features

Windows Phone 8 is also very similar to Windows 8 and even shares some features which make it easy for developers to build apps that can synchronize and work with PC running Windows 8. But some things are still unsure like other aspects of new Windows handsets such as battery life and usability. However it is confirmed that Windows Phone 8 will be using Internet Explorer 8 that comes with powerful filters like Microsoft SmartScreen to protect software and hardware from malicious codes and malwares on the web that is also being used in other Microsoft products like Hotmail and ofcourse Windows 8.

Some other new features and tools include Microsoft Wallet just like Google Wallet, speech recognition and probably Skype’s integration for video calling.

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