iOS 6 Has Better And Updated Siri

 iOS 6 Siri

In this article about iOS 6 features updates, we have Siri. The voice recognizing assistant that came with iPhone 4S has got its update now in the iOS 6 and will be available in the next-gen iPad and other iDevices. In simple words the updated Siri will behave like voice-enabled google search, ask anything about anything and it will display result in no time. Apple has added support for sports, eating hangouts, movies and many other areas to Siri so it recognizes voice in many languages across many more countries. So you get more things in more places.

If you are a sports fanatic and never want to lose track of when is your teams next matched being played, Siri is your one-say guide to all questions speakable. It now knows major sports like baseball, football and basketball and so understands everything you ask about them. Inquire about a game schedule, scores from current season or fetch live updates, Siri will do just what you ask at your command. The new update is so advanced that you may even ask to compare players or keep track of your team and it will do just that.

The new Siri is a movie buff as well. Not only will it help you find latest movies and where they are premiering but also request reviews or trailers for a movie. Not enough? Ask it any question about movies, who directed, who stars or anything you like and it will serve at will. Making reservations at diners just got easier. Just select your favorite restaurant based on cuisine or price and get a booking instantly through the OpenTable app. Socializing just got easier. Now post your status, comment and update your facebook account without even touching your device. Like something. Tweet about it through your voice itself and let the world hear you.

It’s deeply integrated into your device. So you can launch apps, play music or watch your favorite videos anytime. No need to click anything, just tell Siri to do it. Apple has also thought upon collaborating with major car manufacturers like BMW to integrate their devices with the cars, so you can message your friend by clicking from your steering wheel and then ask Siri to type your message. This will let you keep your eyes more on the road and avoid accidents and utilizing your phone at the same time.

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