Top 10 Free Social Android Apps

Ever since Android app development became open source, new apps have flooded the app market which is code named the ‘Playstore’. The number of users being able to access the internet have increased stupendously in the last decade. Also the market share of Android phones is growing rapidly as i write these words. This has laid the basis for creation of a virtual social network the available online 24 x 7 all days of year. This is the new generation of social bonding that lets you connect seamlessly to your peers whenever, wherever you want. And so have come the new social apps for Android that give you the power to connect. There are many to choose from, it all depends how you want to use them and for what purpose. Here is a top 10 list of free social apps for Android that will rule the market in years to come :

Facebook – The all so popular social network has a great Android app that lets you use it’s platform to full extent. Chat, update your status, find and make new friends and what not. It even adds a feature of check-in that automatically updates your status saying where you are, whenever you check-in to a place using GPS.

Twitter – The micoblogging phenomena that has become a sensation is already a popular way to get connected to your followers or get updates from those you follow on the go.

Instagram – A photo sharing app that lets you post your clicks on the go and view that others have clicked. This app is for those creative people who like to express through pictures and clicking is a hobby. Also a photo app that also lets you add animation and customize your photos before you upload them. Way too cool!!!

Whatsapp – A free texting and photo sharing app that links the contacts in your phone with your whatsapp account. A great way to replace text chatting through network provider. Also you can send free international messages and share photos with any of your contacts.

Viber - An amazing free voice calling app for Android, that lets you call any of your contacts that have viber installed almost instantly just like making a regular call. But the fun part is free international calls. Requires 3G access for better communication and lag free calling.

Tango - A great way to voice/text chat for free with your contacts. Send them pictures, videos and receive on the go.

Google+ – An app for the “en route to become popular” social platform google+. Share, update and get connected with your google+ contacts everywhere.

LinkedIn – A great app for the ever so great professional social network. View, update your profile and connect with millions of professionals al around the world.

Circle – Find your friends and connections that share your interest who are around you. This is a great app that gives social bonding a whole new meaning. Find those who are nearby you and then call them up to a nearby meeting point to make socializing much more fun.

Stringo – A voice calling and photo/video sharing app that frees you from the hardwork of typing anything. Just install and get noticed by your contacts who already use stringo. Also share your stuff with your facebook contacts and arrange them in circles.

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